Official News Release: Post Syezd Melbourne 2015

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop George, the 51st annual Orthodox Youth Conference – Syezd 2015 – was successfully held from 26-31 December 2015, at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza, south-east of Melbourne, Victoria. As in previous years, Syezd 2015 provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about their Orthodox faith as well as meeting many other Orthodox youth from all over Australia and overseas.

The first day being a Saturday, evening vespers were held at Camp Manyung on the first night of Syezd, after registration and a welcome dinner. Early the following morning on Sunday, a bus took everyone to Liturgy at the Holy Protection Cathedral in Brunswick, Victoria. Syezd 2015 attendees were also fortunate to witness the extremely rare event of the consecration of a new altar table at the Cathedral and were invited by the Sisterhood to lunch after Liturgy with the Bishop in the church hall.

During Syezd, many interesting talks were given by clergy as well as lay people. Talks such as “The Apocalypse” by Bishop George, “Unseen Warfare” by Very Rev. Fr Nicholas Dalinkiewicz, “The Destruction of Morals” by Very Rev. Dr Michael Protopopov and “The Orthodox Family – An Ark of Salvation” by Very Rev. Fr Gabriel Makarov were very popular amongst the youth. Other speakers included Very Rev. Fr Nicholas Karipoff, Deacon Fr Mark Woloszyn, Valeria Zoteyeva (psychologist) and Elena Metlenko.

Many interesting and thought provoking questions during question and answer time were asked by the youth. For those that were too shy to ask, a Question Box was provided where they could write down their questions and then the clergy would publicly answer each question during specially allocated Q&A sessions between lectures.

All meals were prepared by the camp’s on-site chefs who valiantly met the challenge of feeding so many Russians with hearty Lenten appetites three times a day. With spectacular warm, sunny weather, attendees socialised, catching up with old friends and making many new friends, swam at the nearby beach, played basketball and tennis and joined in other outdoor activities. Some enjoyed peaceful walks in the landscaped gardens or relaxed under shady trees as they spent time getting to know each other

On the last night of the Syezd, a talent show was held where each team, consisting of both clergy and youth, had to showcase their talents. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely amidst laughter and amazement at themselves and each other’s skills, incredible creativity and imagination. Afterwards, about 20 young people joined the clergy in singing Russian folk songs and sharing their backgrounds, and discussing their thoughts & ideas about the future of Orthodox youth in Australia. Many memorable moments were captured on film and will be reminisced for many years to come.

We have analysed all the feedback; Syezd Melbourne 2015 was deemed a great success and everyone is now all excited about the next Syezd which will be held on the Gold Coast next December, 2016.

Huge thank you to the amazing sponsors for their financial support and in-kind support: Lonergan & Raven Funeral Directors, Russian House Melbourne, Your Easy Web Solutions, Russian Youth Council of Australia (Melbourne), Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria. The Melbourne Orthodox Youth Group also contributed a large amount of time and energy into fundraising!

Official News Release: Syezd Melbourne 2015, Camp Manyung

Date: 26th August 2015 (Download PDF)

SYEZD 2015, Melbourne
Russian Orthodox Retreat & Convention
26-31 December, 2015
Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza, Victoria – right next to the beach!

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion and His Grace Bishop George, the fifty-first annual Orthodox Conference (“Syezd”) will be held at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza, Vic, just south of Melbourne, Victoria. Continue reading “Official News Release: Syezd Melbourne 2015, Camp Manyung”

Official News Release: Melbourne Syezd 2013, Camp Manyung

Date: 18th September 2013 (Download PDF)

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, the forty-ninth annual Orthodox Conference (“Syezd”) will be held at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza, just south of Melbourne. Beginning on Thursday, 19th December, the Syezd will be held over six days and five nights ending on Tuesday, 24th December, 2013.

What is Syezd?

Syezd is an annual event where Orthodox and non-Orthodox people get together from all over Australia & overseas to catch up with old friends, make new friends, enjoying the break from the daily grind of work, school and other pressures. Most importantly, Syezd gives people the chance to connect with each other as they learn more about the Orthodox faith and discover how to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life in a world increasingly beset by falling moral standards & life values. Set at the end of every year, Syezd allows people to start the new year feeling reignited with life passion, physically refreshed and spiritually re-connected again.

Every year the theme of Syezd changes, with the talks and discussions during Syezd reflecting the main theme of the current Syezd – with the focus placed on the most important issues being faced by people in our community. This gives attendees a chance to delve more into a particular theme, inciting more discussions and thought provoking questions for exploring in a friendly, positive and supportive environment. The general idea is for attendees to be able to return to “the outside world” armed with renewed vigour and strengthened in mind and spirit, to better cope with and meet whatever challenges the world may demand from them.

Melbourne Syezd 2013

Melbourne is delighted to host Syezd 2013, especially as there seems to be somewhat of a resurrection of interest and yearning for guidance in living an Orthodox lifestyle!

In response to people’s renewed interest, Syezd 2013 will focus on workshop-style discussions relating to more controversial topics where attendees will have a chance to explore the choices that are available to them in uplifting their own lifestyles, worldview, and shedding light on their future direction. In the fast-paced and scrambled world we live in today, Orthodox Christians, more than ever, are seeking ways to rise above declining moral and living standards, and are reaching for support in their endeavours to create a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones.

From feedback gathered by people in our parish communities, the topics of greatest interest include: Science and Nature, Morals and Conscience, Family and Values, and Atheism and Apathy. Clergy from around Australia, New Zealand and abroad will be joining the discussions, providing guidance and support, and sharing ways of overcoming trials and tribulations. Delegates will have the chance to socialise with the clergy and to see them as friends and mentors. Most of all, delegates will feel reassured that we are all in this together, and can reach out to each other for comfort, encouragement and support.

Due to the mature content of the topics to be covered, Syezd is open to anyone over the age of 18. All the information about Melbourne Syezd 2013 including registration is on the official Syezd website: