Syezd T-Shirts

A Syezd is not a real Syezd without Syezd T-Shirts! Right?

Syezd T-Shirts help raise funds and are an awesome souvenir for everyone.

This year there are four different t-shirts to choose from and each one is made by the Indonesian Orthodox Youth! Each t-shirt is not only helping support Syezd, it is also supporting the Orthodox Mission in Indonesia!

If you are interested in buying a t-shirt or just want to help support Syezd, please send your enquiries via the contact form and we’ll reply with more information.
Here are the four t-shirts available for purchase:

Syezd TshirtSyezd Tshirt

Syezd TshirtSyezd Tshirt

Male models in Syezd Tshirts

Female models in Syezd Tshirts

Fundraiser 20th October

Fundraising event in Brunswick Church was yet again, a SUCCESS! Thank you to all those who have participated coming for the first time. Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to those who came and bought our lovely piroshki! Can’t wait to see everyone at the next Syezd Fundraiser!
Syezd Fundraising Photos
Syezd Fundraising Photos

Syezd Fundraising Photos

Syezd Fundraising Photos

Syezd Fundraising Photos

Fundraising 29th September

Our first time fundraising in Brunswick church and it was a great success!!! Thank you to the Dandenong fundraising team for helping us out on our first run and a big thank you to all who came along and participated in the fundraiser.

Fundraising Sunday 8th September

Ok, so, the majority of the fundraising team in Dandenong returned back from the overseas trip with Sodruzhestvo and it’s straight back into selling piroshki! Except, today, we thought we’d mix it up and start selling Belyashi:

BelyashiSyezd Fundraising Dandenong

Jeff at Syezd Fundraising Dandenong

Fedor at Syezd Fundraising DandenongAnastasia at Syezd Fundraising DandenongTatiana at Syezd Fundraising DandenongHelper at Syezd Fundraising DandenongHelper Syezd Fundraising DandenongHelper at Syezd Fundraising Dandenong

Price of Belyashi at Syezd Fundraising DandenongClean up at Syezd Fundraising Dandenong
A huge thanks to +boris horis for organising this fundraising event and all his helpers!

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Fundraising 19th May

The fundraiser was a great success! Thank you to all who came and supported Syezd 2013. The salad sold out as well as the deserts! Hope to see you all again next time and I hope to see even more people next time.

Even the truly young ones helped us out and loved it! Was always asking what he could do next and then he brought his friend along to help.

Fundraising 28th April

Another successful fundraising event at Dandenong church! For Palm Sunday, we focused on giving out fish for it is one of the few days in Great Lent where we are allowed to each fish! The fish was a hit and we sold out of practically everything! Thank you to all those who supported us by buying and eating our food and by donating to us! Hope to see you all next fundraising event!

Fundraising 27th April 2013

The Syezd committee held a fundraising event in Dandenong church after Lazarus Saturday liturgy. The group made delicious pirozhki with cabbage, potatoe and apple puree. The group, organised by Jeff Nikitin, had a fun and memorable time where we all learnt something new and interesting. If you would like to participate in fundraising for Syezd, please email us on [email protected] We would love to have you on board to make this years Syezd in Melbourne to be the best Syezd of all time.