List of Speakers & Talks at Syezd 2018 – Melbourne

Life and Wisdom of the Holy Fathers

They lived well over 1,000 years ago. But, these are modern times and we have advanced so much. We know so much! Surely, their teachings and opinions are well outdated and irrelevant!?
Is this so?

You may find the answer to be surprising and quite awe-inspiring!

Introduction: Bishop George will open the Syezd Youth Conference with a talk on Thursday evening, “Who were the Holy Fathers.”

Session 1: Fr Gabriel Makarov – “The Ancient Church Holy Fathers and 21st Century Orthodox Christians

Session 2: Fr Nicholas Karipoff – “The Wisdom of the Holy Fathers being The Word and Christ

Session 3: Fr Nick Dalinkiewicz – “Fake Science! – the new modern day heresy?” New scientific advances; militant atheism; what we can learn from the Holy Fathers of the Church.

Session 4: Fr Peter Hill – “What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem” The importance of theological education for all Orthodox Christians, and what the Holy Fathers said on this topic.

Session 5: Fr Milan Milutinovic “How the Holy Fathers described Christ; God-Man

Session 6: Q and A Panel

Symposium Syezd Sydney – 2017

Remembering the New Martyrs of Russia 100-years later

July 14th to 17th at Sts. Peters and Paul Cathedral

$60 (daily commute – meals only)

$225 Conference Hotel (2-person share room)*, or
$327 Conference Hotel (private room)*, or
NOTE: hotel bookings are now closed.

* prices cover the duration of the symposium (3 nights)

The symposium will feature visiting guest speaker, Metropolitan Jonah (USA) and a midnight liturgy in rememberance of the Holy Royal Martyrs (starting 10:00pm 16th July)

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Russian Orthodox Podcast Episode 98: Serving the Greatest King on the Gold Coast

Source: Russian Orthodox Podcast

Sunday, 11 December 2016

This podcast is very special to us personally, as we sit down to chat with our childhood friend, now priest – Father Alexander Paramonov, newly appointed priest to the fledgling church at Tweed Heads, on the Gold Coast in Australia. We ask him about the beginnings of this Orthodox parish, his personal journey to the priesthood, some challenges facing the clergy today, and the upcoming Syezd (Youth Conference) being hosted by the Gold Coast community at the end of December 2016.

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Unseen Warfare

Lecture 7 at Syezd 2015, Melbourne was given by Very Rev. Fr Nicholas Dalinkiewicz, on the topic of the Antichrist – Unseen Warfare.

Below you will find a video that is viewable by those that are registered.

Syezd Day Rates For Families and Individuals

Yes, that’s right, Syezd Day Rates for both individuals and families!

DAY RATE PER PERSON: $50 includes Lecutres, activities, Lunch and snacks

DAY RATE for PARENTS with children in Syezd ‘child care’ PER Parent: $40 includes Lectures, activities, Lunch and snacks

DAY RATE PER CHILD IN ‘CARE’: (available for ages 6 and under) $10 includes care during Lectures/discussion only, Lunch, snacks and associated care activities.

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